08.08.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 157 -  Air Date: 8/8/2002
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Preview:Lucky catches Rick in the Attic.Recap:Scott promises Ned he‘ll do whatever it takes to bring Kristina‘s killer to justice. Sonny and Carly‘s arrival at the memorial service causes a stir, but Ned is surprised to learn that Alexis invited them along with Roy and Jason. Rick concocts a lame excuse after Lucky catches him combing through the attic room. With their wedding day just hours away, a beaming Laura assures Luke she‘s thrilled at the prospect of becoming his wife once again. As the memorial service begins, Jax rises to speak of Kristina‘s lust for life and Nikolas recalls his aunt‘s great hopes for healing the Cassadine family. When her turn comes, Alexis stands and accuses Roy, Jason and Sonny of having her sister‘s blood on their hands. Bobbie advises her brother to stop fretting and try to simply enjoy his impending nuptials. Following the service, Alexis furiously vents her rage on the three men she blames for her tragic loss. Laura is struck by another distressing f