08.07.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 156 -  Air Date: 8/7/2002
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Preview: Alexis makes plans for her sister‘s funeral.Recap:A grieving Alexis begins making funeral arrangements for her sister. Jax receives shocking news from Edward. A.J. and Courtney look forward to spending a rare evening together. Alexis sadly admits to Luke how she blames herself as well as Sonny for Kristina‘s tragic demise. Edward urges Skye to use her fiance‘s absence to get into Jax‘s safe and retrieve the oil map. Scott informs Rick that Theresa‘s skull is missing. Prodded by Gia to reassess his relationship with his brother in the wake of Kristina‘s passing, Lucky extends a peace offering to Nikolas. Laura tells a surprised Scott how her recent conversation with Teresa helped clear up a lot of bad memories. Meanwhile, Luke returns to the attic room to search for a critical piece of the puzzle and finds an old camera that he thinks was used in the attack. Jax tries to console Alexis, who tearfully yearns to have her sister back in her life. Luke brings the old camera to Luc