08.01.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 152 -  Air Date: 8/1/2002
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Preview: Jason delivers a message to Zander.Recap: Bobbie brings Luke and Laura a lead on Teresa Carter. Meanwhile, an anxious Scott warns Rick that the skull has already found its way to the police department‘s forensics lab. Carly wonders if her recent queasiness could be an early sign of pregnancy. Jason warns Zander to vanish before midnight-- or else. Kristina‘s rekindled anger puzzles Alexis. Sonny and Carly both try to hide their disappointment when a home pregnancy test proves to be negative. Zander accuses Jason of trying to get him out of the picture so he can have Elizabeth all to himself. Later, Zander is baffled when Jason urges him to take Elizabeth away to ensure her safety. A worried Felicia reminds Roy why his business choices could compromise her children‘s safety. Zander invites Elizabeth to come to Florida with him that very night. Alcazar issues a thinly veiled threat to Felicia. Kristina storms into the penthouse and furiously informs Carly that she‘s going to le