07.30.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 150 -  Air Date: 7/30/2002
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Preview: Sonny figures Roy hired Zander.Recap: Alexis bails Sonny out of jail and accuses Taggert of using Carly‘s restraining order as an excuse to fish in Sonny‘s personal business. Carly surprises Alexis and Sonny with her reaction to finding the two sharing a moment, and Carly further throws Alexis with a request to tell Sonny the truth about her baby. Sonny assumes that Roy hired Zander to do his dirty work, and Sonny surmises that Zander framed Jason. Elizabeth finds Zander in Jason‘s jacket, and Elizabeth tries to keep Zander from harm‘s reach. Courtney manages to prevent AJ from learning the truth with Wynona‘s help, and AJ inadvertently turns up the volume on Courtney‘s guilt. Meanwhile, Scott and Rick meet new trouble when damning evidence arrives at the police station.