07.11.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 137 -  Air Date: 7/11/2002
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Preview: Roy and Felicia share a romantic dinner.Recap: Blithely assuming she‘ll be a welcome guest at Ned‘s place, Kristina barges in with her baggage in tow and announces that she‘s moving in. Carly tries to hurry Sonny away from the hospital before he spots Alexis in with her doctor. Jason questions Roy about how he could possibly afford to buy Pier 52. A.J. jumps to the wrong conclusion after overhearing his wife‘s end of a phone conversation. Worried that A.J. will learn how she plans to pay off his debt, Courtney allows her husband to believe that she was speaking with Edward. Gia‘s first shoot with a temperamental fashion photographer goes sour before a single camera shutter clicks. An amused Ned assures Kristina he‘d love to share his house with her. Jason brings his suspicions about Pier 52 to Alexis. Later, Jason inadvertently stumbles over proof that his attorney is with child. Roy and Felicia share a romantic candlelight dinner to celebrate their new partnership. Jason de