06.27.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 127 -  Air Date: 6/27/2002
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Preview:Alexis is offered a ""New"" JobRecap:Alan warns Monica that GH is at risk of a corporate takeover. An emotional Lesley assures Rick that he‘s truly welcome in the home she shares with her daughter. Lulu is unnerved when Maxie teases her about ghosts in the garage attic. Bobbie asks a grumbling Scott to promise that he‘ll behave himself during her brother‘s wedding. Carly contacts a member of Alexis‘s former law firm and suggests that her ""dear friend"" needs to make a hasty retreat from Port Charles. Meanwhile, Sonny stonewalls when Alexis presses him for details about his latest trouble. Rick and Laura are happily reunited. Later, Laura tells her stepfather how she couldn‘t even remember the attic room until a few days ago. Mac brings Felicia word that her client‘s money was not reported stolen. Carly wields her wealth and power to convince Les to offer Alexis her old job back. Later, Sonny cautions Carly that they‘re about to enter some dangerous waters. Rick hints to an intrig