06.24.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 124 -  Air Date: 6/24/2002
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Preview:Courtney confronts Jason.Recap:As Elizabeth eavesdrops, Courtney starts to pour out her troubles to Jason but winds up angrily defending her husband‘s actions instead. Meanwhile, Skye icily informs A.J. that she saw him steal a family heirloom from the mansion. Alexis reports to a relieved Ned that her latest twinge turned out to be nothing more than indigestion. At the hospital, Carly tries to sneak a peek at her rival‘s medical file but has to abandon the plan when Sonny shows up. Benny warns Jason that he could well become the target of retaliation. Alexis admits to Ned how she can‘t quite wrap her mind around the fact of impending motherhood. Laura discovers Luke waiting for her in the attic room above her mother‘s garage. Sifting through her old belongings, Laura is excited to find her wedding dress but her happiness turns to disappointment when the gown proves to be beyond repair. Insisting that he truly loves his wife, A.J. asks Skye to float him a loan so he can suppor