06.05.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 111 -  Air Date: 6/5/2002
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Preview:Jason covers for Carly.Recap:A.J. pleases Courtney with his talk of seeing the world together. Alexis has her first prenatal appointment with Dr. Meadows, who wonders how her patient really feels about her unplanned pregnancy. Revealing that she‘s decided not to tell the baby‘s father, Alexis admits she still isn‘t sure how she‘ll handle being a single mom. At the penthouse, Carly revels in Sonny‘s full and passionate attention once again. Marcus informs a sputtering A.J. that all of his assets have been frozen by the feds in the wake of racketeering charges. Jason assures Elizabeth that the previous night‘s events did nothing to damage their friendship. Edward threatens to disinherit A.J. completely unless he plays ball. Sonny confides to Jason how he hopes he and Carly can have a child together now that they‘ve been given a second chance. Meanwhile, Zander fears that Jason‘s return means he‘s lost his chance with Carly.