06.03.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 109 -  Air Date: 6/3/2002
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Preview:Luke and Laura get into trouble,while Maxie tells Liz about Lucky and Sarah playing a game of ""find the hairy spot"".Recap:Maxie is appalled to witness a steamy kiss between Lucky and Sarah. Alexis takes a fall during an altercation with Carly. Luke and Laura get stranded in the wake of yet another Spencer escapade. Assuring Sonny she merely slipped, Alexis beats a hasty retreat with a concerned Kristina and Ned in tow. After returning to the party, Maxie bitterly passes along the shocking news that Lucky and Sarah are in bed together to Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Sarah and Lucky give in to temptation and make love. Alexis heads to the ER to make sure her baby wasn‘t injured in the fall. Skye complains to Jax about Edward‘s latest machinations. Elizabeth walks in on her sister and Lucky in bed. Jason again warns Carly about telling Sonny the truth about the accident,while Sonny wonders about the obvious tension between the two. An enraged Elizabeth slaps Lucky, then vents her fury o