05.29.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 106 -  Air Date: 5/29/2002
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Preview:Carly turns the tables on Sonny.Recap:As Alan, Monica and Edward bicker again, A.J. interrupts with the news that Jason is back in town and has already threatened to kill him. Pleasantly surprised to see Jason walk through the front door of Kelly‘s, Elizabeth quickly volunteers the information that she and Lucky are no longer a couple. Carly bitterly informs Sonny that she went to Zander‘s on the night of the accident because she wanted to pay him back for sleeping with Alexis. Maxie lights up when Lucky offers to tutor her for a math test. Bobbie bumps into Alexis at the pharmacy and jumps to the wrong conclusion about the attorney‘s nervousness. Alan and Monica explain to Courtney why they still have hope that Jason will come to his senses and rejoin the family. Maxie obtains birth control pills and a pack of condoms from a doctor, who encourages her to remember that abstention is still the only way to guarantee that she won‘t get pregnant. Alexis‘s second attempt to buy the