05.03.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 88 -  Air Date: 5/3/2002
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Preview:Michael Re-appears.Recap:A.J. successfully pulls the wool over Courtney‘s eyes yet again. At the precinct house, Alexis prods Taggert to step up the search for Carly. When the attorney accuses him of dragging his heels because of his longstanding animosity towards Sonny, Taggert reminds Alexis how unlikely it is that Carly could have survived the crash. Apologizing for scaring everyone, Michael repeats for Bobbie and Sonny his assertion that he spoke with his Mommy just the night before. Thrilled when A.J. presents her with an adorable new puppy, Courtney promises to help smooth the way with her brother during future custody discussions. Monica‘s birthday gets off to its usual disastrous start when Rae makes an unscheduled appearance at the mansion. Jax is forced to rain on Bobbie‘s parade after she happily announces that Carly has been sighted nearby. Later, Jax glumly reports to Skye how both Sonny and Bobbie are deluding themselves with false hopes. Meanwhile, Alexis takes