05.01.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 5/1/2002
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Preview:AJ seeks Courtney‘s testimony.Recap:Nikolas is baffled to find his fiancee getting suddenly chummy with Courtney. Skye questions Jax about Brenda‘s tragic end but he balks at discussing one of the most painful episodes in his life. An anguished Zander admits to Kristina how upset Carly became after he refused to sleep with her. At the brownstone, Bobbie snaps at her brother and her friends as they cluster helplessly around. Upstairs, Laura manages to keep Michael distracted and oblivious to the tension all around him. Bobbie finally breaks down and cries on Luke‘s shoulder but insists that her daughter is still alive. Gia explains to Nikolas how she‘s agreed to act as an undercover lie detector to help Courtney learn the truth about A.J. Lucky snarls at his brother when Nikolas comes by to offer Bobbie his help. Jax learns that an unconscious woman matching Carly‘s description was admitted to a nearby hospital. Bobbie panics when Michael vanishes from the brownstone. Courte