04.30.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 85 -  Air Date: 4/30/2002
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Preview:Skye offers Edward a deal.Recap:Gia marches into Laura‘s office and demands that she either fire Lucky or find herself a new face of Deception. Skye offers to hand ELQ back to Edward on a platter if he helps her convince A.J. to give up his sordid scheme concerning Courtney. Alexis fills Kristina in on the latest shocking development in Sonny‘s life. Meanwhile, at the crash site, Jax and Sonny watch the police slowly winch Carly‘s car out of the lake. As Scott and Bobbie arrive, Zander admits to his employer that he was the one who persuaded Carly to get over her fear of driving. Courtney confronts A.J. about the deal he offered her brother on their wedding night. Though Bobbie heaves a sigh of relief to hear that her daughter was not inside the submerged vehicle, the detective cautions her that Carly‘s survival is still very much in doubt. A.J. works to convince Courtney that Sonny was the one who wanted to trade her for Michael. Later, uncertain whom she can really trust, Co