04.29.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 4/29/2002
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Preview:Sonny blows his cool.Recap:Urging Mac to put more divers on the case, Jax offers to personally underwrite a thorough search of the lake. Meanwhile, Scott faces the grim task of breaking some bad news to Bobbie. Following a call from Zander, Sonny starts to rush out of the penthouse but Courtney angrily insists on finishing their conversation about Michael. Announcing that the subject is closed, Sonny hurries off while Alexis remains behind to give Courtney a piece of her mind. Nikolas accuses Lucky of leaving cryptic messages at Windemere in an attempt to gaslight him. Though Gia tries to play peacemaker for the battling brothers, the void between them only grows wider. Mike tells A.J. through clenched teeth that for Courtney‘s sake he will find a way to accept his daughter‘s misbegotten marriage. Maxie boasts to her friends about her close relationship with Deception‘s hunky photographer. Sonny cautions Bobbie that A.J. may make a play for Michael in light of Carly‘s accident