04.25.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 82 -  Air Date: 4/25/2002
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Preview:Skye puts Jax to the test.Recap:Concerned to find her husband brooding, Courtney asks A.J. if he‘s sorry he married her. Sonny catches Alexis trying to slip out of bed without awakening him. Though she offers to go home and give him his privacy, Sonny invites Alexis to stick around for a home-cooked breakfast. After A.J. confides how he‘s been pining for his son, Courtney offers to speak to her brother about Michael. Miffed to discover that her new lover intends to stay on as a partner in Club 101, Skye asks Jax to cut Carly loose. Zander grouses to Lucky about his bad luck with women. Kristina comes across the hall in search of her sister and tells an embarrassed Alexis she‘s never looked happier. Alan can barely contain his rage at the sight of A.J. suckering Courtney with sweet talk. Lucky gets rough with Zander after he flirts with Sarah at Kelly‘s. Bobbie invites Elizabeth to move into the brownstone with her and she happily accepts. Hearing a news report about a car cras