04.19.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 78 -  Air Date: 4/19/2002
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Preview:Kristina questions Alexis.Recap:After their honeymoon night, Courtney wakes to find A.J. curling up with an empty bottle rather than her. When he wakes, A.J. tells Courtney that her brother only pretended to accept their marriage last night. Blasting him for his drinking, Courtney is quick to jump to Sonny‘s defense which only serves to anger A.J. further. A.J. announces that he wants to go back home. Jax surprises Skye with romantic overtures and a special necklace at the lake house. Guilt ridden, Skye puts him off and quietly admits that she has made some terrible mistakes in her past. Jax assures her that her inner beauty outshines everything else. A curious Kristina asks Alexis what Sonny intends to do about A.J. Meanwhile, Sonny gives Mike the shattering news about Courtney and A.J.‘s quickie wedding. Mike vows to make A.J. pay for what he has done but Sonny stops him and asks him to let him take care of this matter. Mike calms down and agrees, letting Sonny know that he