04.12.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 4/12/2002
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Preview:Zander tries to comfort Carly.Recap:Zander tries to comfort Carly as she reacts with tears to Luke‘s suggestion that she‘s wasting her life away. He discounts the idea but she claims Luke‘s correct. When she finally decides that she will not chase after Sonny, Zander is encouraged. At Luke‘s club, Lucky blasts Sarah for keeping secret the fact that Gia never had a blood test taken after the car accident. Later, Elizabeth urges Sarah not to worry about Lucky and his anger but Sarah announces that she is going to move out so that Elizabeth and Lucky can have their privacy. Luke goes a bit too far in celebrating Helena‘s re-capture and ends up in an argument with Scott. Bobbie steps up and asks her brother to cool down. Luke approaches Lucky about moving into Wyndemere to get his hands on anything that might put Nikolas away for a long time. Remembering his promise to Laura, Lucky turns down the suggestion. Skye and Jax hurry to make up for lost time but are delayed again by dens