04.10.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 4/10/2002
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Preview:Alexis receives a photo.Recap:Lucky blasts into the police station demanding Nikolas‘ arrest, but Mac reminds Lucky that no concrete evidence exists which would allow for them to go after Nikolas. Nikolas wants to fly Gia to Hawaii and get married right away, but Taggert‘s arrival upsets their plans. Once alone with Gia, saddened Taggert asks Gia why she sold out and lied about the accident.Alexis stuns Sonny when she agrees with Jax and suggests that Sonny should leave AJ alone, but Alexis regains ground when she expresses her commitment to Sonny. However, an e-mail and photo of Courtney from AJ interrupts Alexis and Sonny‘s close moment. Jax learns of AJ and Courtney‘s hideaway at the same time, and Jax shares his intentions to retrieve AJ with grateful Skye, but plane trouble puts a damper on their plans. Meanwhile, Ned places Alexis in a dilemma when he tells Alexis of AJ‘s whereabouts in return for her word that she will not pass on the news to Sonny. To make matters wor