04.09.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 70 -  Air Date: 4/9/2002
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Preview:Laura braces herself.Recap:Kristina shares her fear with Alexis that Nikolas has done something awful, and Nikolas pushes Alexis away when she approaches him. Wallowing in the weight of the Cassadine legacy, Nikolas also asks Gia to leave him alone in order to take care of some mysterious business. Laura heads off to the station when Felicia alerts Laura to Helena‘s capture.Meanwhile, Lucky works to expose Nikolas and informs Taggert that Helena blackmailed Nikolas by threatening to reveal Gia‘s true role in the accident drama. With everyone gathered at the police station, Helena lies to save Nikolas. Luke accompanies Helena to federal prison, and Helena only laughs maniacally when Luke questions why Helena covered for Nikolas. Nikolas manages to convince Mac of his innocence, but knowing Laura informs Nikolas that he broke her heart by lying to her. Lucky also feels sucked into the black mood surrounding the Cassadine name, and Elizabeth urges Lucky to let go of the pain. La