04.08.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 4/8/2002
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Preview:Luke plays hide and seek.Recap:Jax walks in on Alexis with Sonny and announces that he wants to collect his favor from Sonny and let AJ walk free, but aggravated Sonny replies in the negative, pointing out that Skye turned down his offer. Skye and Carly continue to spar, but Carly ultimately impresses Skye despite Skye‘s continuing animosity. Lucky accuses Nikolas of personifying a true Cassadine, and the brotherly feud escalates to the point that Lucky declares a renewed war between the Cassadines and Spencers.Meanwhile, Luke catches Helena, and Luke secretly worries Helena with his uncertain intentions. Helena tries enticing Luke with the thrill of the chase, but Luke grips Helena by the throat when she declares that the Cassadines will rise again. Roy and Felicia arrive upon the scene, and they warn murderous Luke that Helena will win the war if Luke ends up killing Helena. Luke listens to his friends‘ advice and hands over Helena to Roy, but Luke cautions that Helena has