04.02.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 65 -  Air Date: 4/2/2002
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Preview:Elizabeth challenges her sister.Recap:Nikolas fears that he has become a true Cassadine, and Gia and Sarah attempt to improve Nikolas‘ mood by taking him out dancing. Laura remains heartsick over Nikolas‘ lies, and Laura blames herself for Nikolas‘ actions.Luke and Roy venture out to hunt down Helena, and they find Felicia working undercover as a waitress at a dive bar where Helena sits undetected in a dark corner.Meanwhile, Elizabeth decides to go dancing with Lucky at Club 101 and engages Lucky in a seductive dance at Carly‘s club. Sarah arrives with Gia and Nikolas to witness Elizabeth and Lucky‘s sexual heat, and Lucky ends up exchanging glances with Sarah. Later at their table, Elizabeth raises a champagne toast, and it stirs a memory of the accident.In an effort to keep Carly from admitting she kidnapped Skye, Sonny takes Carly into his arms, stunning the onlookers. Sonny suggests that Carly is protecting him. Taggert asks Alexis for verification of Sonny‘s story, and