03.29.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 3/29/2002
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Preview:Zander confronts Carly.Recap:The Quartermaine household splits into different camps about who is to blame for AJ‘s behavior. Monica pleads on AJ‘s behalf, and Monica begs AJ to send Courtney home to Sonny, but AJ hangs up on her. Ned asks Monica for AJ‘s number in order to trace his whereabouts, but when Ned mentions that he has joined forces with Alexis, Monica refuses to give it to him. Carly enjoys Sonny‘s company, but Zander arrives and almost puts her back in the doghouse. Carly admits to Zander what she did to Skye, and Zander suspects that her actions will eventually blow up in her face. Furthermore, Zander expresses his disappointment in learning that Carly still cares so much about Sonny.Kristina and Alexis make breakfast for Sonny, and Sonny‘s disappearance stuns Alexis. When Sonny returns, Alexis mentions that she saw Carly at the Quatermaine‘s, and a snitch from the phone company interrupts the scene to announce that AJ‘s hideaway has been found. Bobbie and Scott