03.26.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 60 -  Air Date: 3/26/2002
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Preview:Sonny gets another message.Recap:Luke pains Laura when he confides that he doesn‘t believe Nikolas and that he senses something awry between Gia and Nikolas. At the stable, Nikolas faces off to Helena, but Helena reveals that she holds the trump card when she promises to expose the truth about the accident and the witness tampering if Nikolas turns her over to the authorities.Skye believes Sonny locked her in the boathouse, and Carly reinforces this by slipping a note under the door threatening AJ‘s life. Skye ponders all of the mean things she did to Jax, and Skye fears that no one will come looking for her. Afraid Sonny‘s goons will return to torture her, Skye feverishly digs up the floorboards of the shed to find an escape route. At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone suffers feelings of guilt as they admit to the validity of Skye‘s scolding words. Carly realizes that Jax has serious feelings for Skye. Bobbie forces Carly to come clean about what she did to Skye, and Scott