03.25.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 3/25/2002
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Preview:Monica blasts Alan.Recap:Nikolas senses that Gia knows something, and he attempts to prevent Lucky and Luke from searching the tunnels for Helena, but Lucky and Luke open the wall to the tunnels anyway. Lucky and Luke relieve Gia when they come up empty-handed, and Nikolas sets a trap for Gia by leaving the safe open. Gia goes to the safe, stuffs money in her bag and heads for the stables, but Nikolas appears just as Gia tosses the money to Helena.Meanwhile, Monica accuses Alan of being crazy for helping AJ take off with Courtney. On the other hand, Edward applauds AJ‘s actions but fears that AJ will ultimately fail like all the times before. Skye‘s arrival cuts Alan‘s defense short, and Skye blames all of them for AJ‘s predicament. Carly threatens Skye not to mess with Sonny, and Carly storms off when Bobbie tries to talk sense into her. Afterward, Bobbie shares her concerns about Carly with Scott. Sonny verbally attacks Mike upon his arrival, but Alexis comes to the rescue