03.22.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 3/22/2002
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Preview:Jax warns Sonny not to harm Skye.Recap:Carly tells Zander to put the squeeze on Skye to get AJ‘s attention, but Zander tells Carly to show Sonny some respect and to let Sonny handle the situation in his own way. Leaving, Zander realizes how much Carly loves Sonny. Sonny presents Skye with AJ‘s note, and he makes Skye an offer she can‘t refuse. Sonny promises not to harm AJ, if she can orchestrate Courtney‘s return. Jax arrives upon the scene and tells Sonny to back off. After Sonny departs however, Jax advises Skye to take Sonny‘s offer and Skye lashes out at him. Jax also makes a call and offers a five million dollar reward for the capture of Helena.Later, Skye visits Carly‘s Club in a search for Jax, and Carly catches Skye off guard when she extends a warm welcome. Sarah surprises Elizabeth with her altered opinion of Lucky, and Sarah admits to Elizabeth that Lucky is worth a fight. Gia helps Helena into the tunnel where they hide, but Luke spots the panel door and swings i