03.15.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 53 -  Air Date: 3/15/2002
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Helena manages to see Nikolas alone at the hospital, and she gives Nikolas a riddle about the sun and the dark of the moon. Helena then informs Nikolas that he needs to figure it out on his own. Roy and Luke make a pact to foil Helena, but Helena escapes from the hospital. Edward kisses up to Lila, but Skye makes a brutally honest case for why she wants ELQ shares. Carly focuses on punishing AJ for all of his past misdeeds, and Carly informs Edward that Skye aided and abetted AJ in his evil plans. Edward turns on Skye as a result, and Lila announces that she has decided who should have the ELQ shares.Janine shocks Sonny with the news that Courtney intends to marry AJ, and Sonny storms off to confront AJ. Mike shares Sonny‘s sentiments regarding the AJ/Courtney fiasco, and Sonny warns Mike that they must enlist wisdom and good planning in their attacks against AJ. However, Mike sets off with his own plan in the hopes of gaining Sonny‘s approval. In the meantime, AJ hatches a new scheme