03.06.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 3/6/2002
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Recap:Sarah tells Nikolas about her suspicions regarding the grand bash at Wyndemere, and later Sarah finds herself locked in one of Wyndemere‘s secret tunnels. AJ worries that Sonny might fit him with a pair of cement shoes, and Edward surprises AJ when he offers to help him. In return, Edward requests AJ‘s assistance in regaining control of ELQ. AJ tears out, vowing to look after himself, but AJ appears willing to rethink the situation when he finds all of his tires flattened. Courtney slaps Sonny with the fact that AJ believes in her innocence regarding the accident, while Sonny doesn‘t.Skye accuses Jax of possessing romantic feelings for Courtney, and Jax stabs back by dismissing his relationship with Skye. Jax goes further and chastises Skye for not stopping AJ‘s plan, and Skye storms out. In turn, Jax pays Edward a surprise visit and shares the stunning news that Jax sold his controlling ELQ interest to Lila. Once home, Skye drops her ELQ portfolio and collapses in tears. Meanwh