03.05.02- Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 3/5/2002
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Recap:Elizabeth insists that Sarah join the crowd at Wyndemere. Gia and Nikolas remain skeptical, but they welcome everyone to their newly decorated rooms, and Sarah warns Nikolas that she did not forget about Gia and the accident.Edward upsets Kristina by pushing a wedding, and Kristina confides to Ned that she fears getting burned. Carly forces Zander to accept her apology and to stop dancing around the subject of their kiss, because she knows that they share a mutual attraction. Zander shocks Carly when he asks for two tickets to her opening and announces that he intends to bring a date.AJ faces Sonny‘s cold fury and denies he has Courtney, so Sonny dares AJ to shoot him. When AJ stands frozen, Sonny accuses him of not being a man. Janine interrupts the standoff with a call revealing that Courtney‘s with her, and Sonny leaves to reunite with Courtney. After Jax and Alexis leave the scene, AJ is left clearly shaken. Later, fuming Skye pushes past Jax‘s door, and Skye proclaims that