02.20.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 2/20/2002
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Recap:Luke insists that Laura tell him before he dies whether or not she meant it when she said that she wanted to marry him. Laura pretends to concentrate on getting them out of their jam, but she finally admits that her words came from the heart.AJ does not understand Jax‘s accusations that he faked Skye‘s kidnapping, and AJ grandstands his own kidnapping to his hidden audience, Courtney. Frightened Courtney threatens to leave, but AJ convinces Courtney to stay in spite of her fears. Jax pushes Skye to tell the truth by telling her that he‘s finished with her otherwise, and Jax makes good on his promise when Skye fails to deliver. Jax notes the piece of clothing Skye took from AJ‘s in the process.Alexis discreetly slips away from Ned and Kristina, and Alexis awkwardly bumps into Felicia. Felicia wants Ned‘s help on a case, and Alexis tells Kristina that she‘ll get over seeing her with Ned, but Alexis also asks Ned if he‘s playing a game with her sister. Roy visits Melissa in her ce