02.08.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 2/8/2002
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Recap:Zander wants to share his feelings for Carly with her, but he ultimately focuses on boosting Carly‘s self-confidence instead by pushing her to jump back on the horse and drive the car. Alexis rejects Kristina‘s belief that Sonny‘s presence will endanger Alexis‘ life, and Alexis accuses Jax and Ned of poisoning Kristina‘s mind. Mike enters the scene with news that Courtney has disappeared, and a doorman interrupts the escalating argument between father and son with a note from Courtney explaining that she has left town.However, AJ convinces Courtney to let him take care of her instead. AJ promises Courtney that he will handle all of the details regarding her family, and Courtney‘s false sense of security grows. Roy spills his suspicions about Melissa to Bobbie, and reluctant Bobbie starts to accept the possibility once Roy presents the evidence. Bobbie and Roy peruse Melissa‘s case histories, and both react with horror when two separate files mention ""a blessing.""Meanwhile, Edwa