02.07.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 2/7/2002
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Recap:Zander gives nervous Carly a driving lesson, but an oncoming highway accident shatters her new found driving confidence and brings back bad memories, and Zander finds himself continuing to fall for her.Gia learns from Sarah that Elizabeth survived her surgery, and Sarah discovers that Gia never submitted to a blood test. Sarah remains suspicious, and Nikolas continues to protect Gia by buying off the waiter that served Gia alcohol before the accident. Nikolas attempts to reassure Gia by informing her of his handiwork, but Gia freaks when she realizes that Elizabeth will ultimately reveal the truth upon her full recovery.AJ makes the most of Courtney‘s traumatic situation, and he tangles Courtney further into his web. AJ offers Courtney an escape by presenting her with the emergency check and the keys to his car, but Courtney can only manage to break down in his arms.Alexis astounds Sonny when she literally pulls the plug on Sonny to keep him from calling Courtney, and Alexis s