02.06.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 2/6/2002
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Recap:Skye seductively confesses to Jax that she likes how he stood up for her, and Jax offers to be her champion. Sonny threatens Taggert in retaliation for Taggert arresting Courtney to get at Sonny. Gia admits to Nikolas that she in fact drove the car through the red light, and Gia panics at the possibility of taking a blood alcohol test. However, Nikolas prevents further action by paying an eyewitness to finger Courtney as the guilty party, and oblivious Florence questions Gia‘s passionate defense of Nikolas as a result. Alexis pressures Taggert to release Courtney, but Taggert remains convinced that Courtney almost killed Gia.Matters appear to get worse when Alexis learns that Courtney drove Mike‘s car even though the insurance had lapsed.Meanwhile, Courtney continues to plead innocent, and she slips out of the police department and runs off to AJ‘s. At the hospital, Lucky rants at an opportunistic photographer and takes his film. Sarah intervenes, but Lucky rushes up to the hosp