02.05.02 - Tuesday

Season 39, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 2/5/2002
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Recap:Lucky grows angry with himself for not returning Elizabeth‘s declaration of love as she gets wheeled into the emergency room. Gia battles with guilt after learning that Nikolas lied to the police about her alcohol intake, and Gia, out of fear, accuses Courtney of running the red light. However, Courtney‘s blood test comes back negative, and Gia ultimately confesses the truth to Nikolas.Jax joins forces with Mac to destroy Sonny, and Jax offers Mac the financial backing necessary to close Sonny down for good. Meanwhile, Skye slyly tells Jax that she ""made up"" the threats about Sonny. AJ frightens Skye when he appears in her hotel room, and AJ gives Skye advice on how to handle Jax. Later, Jax arrives at Skye‘s door, and Skye invites him in to make an unexpected confession. Alexis warns Kristina to keep her mitts out of Alexis‘ relationship with Sonny, and Kristina confesses to Ned that she told Sonny that Alexis loves him. Ned eavesdrops on Kristina telling Edward to take some Ne