02.04.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 2/4/2002
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Recap:Mac reveals to Sonny that Jax has had Sonny‘s warehouse condemned, and Skye interrupts a potentially explosive moment between Sonny and Jax. Sonny notes Skye‘s suspicious behavior as she runs to Jax‘s side, and Jax questions Skye when Skye uses the truth to further her plans.Laura helps Roy delve into Melissa‘s background to squelch rumors labeling Melissa as an angel of death, while Melissa hopes to shrug off suspicion by pressing Edward to sign a new will. AJ overhears Mike and Janine‘s spat, and Janine informs AJ that she defended him against Sonny. AJ tells Janine that he has fallen in love with Courtney and that he wants to marry her.Meanwhile, Liz, Gia and Courtney suffer the aftermath of their terrible car accident. Courtney regains consciousness and desperately tries to free Gia, but the door remains jammed, and Taggert arrives before Max and Johnny can convince Courtney to flee the scene. Taggert tends to injured Gia, and Gia wants to believe Taggert‘s accusations that