02.01.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 2/1/2002
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Recap:Sonny and AJ feign civility, and AJ sends Sonny to new levels of fury when he reveals to Sonny that Courtney lives in the same building as AJ. Sonny interrupts Courtney trying to orchestrate a peaceful meeting with her parents to blast Mike about putting his sister up in AJ‘s hotel. Janine joins the fight between Sonny and Mike, and upset Courtney runs away from the scene with Mike‘s car keys.Meanwhile, Elizabeth fails to convince Gia that Sarah does not intend to steal Nikolas away from Gia. Edward forces Skye to announce her supposed desires to make Edward CEO of ELQ in return for keeping mum about her secret plans for Jax. Alan reacts to Skye‘s gesture with pride, and Jax reacts with surprise, but Ned remains skeptical. Skye receives a threatening photo, and Jax rushes off to confront Sonny about it. However, AJ stuns Skye when he steps forward and claims responsibility, intending to get at Sonny through Jax. Ned arrives upon the scene just in time to hear Skye conspiring wit