01.30.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 1/30/2002
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Recap:Sonny apologizes to Alexis. Kristina starts to confess to Alexis her slip to Sonny, but decides to cover when she discovers that Sonny did not press the issue. Sonny makes amends with Carly and Zander, and Carly cheers when Sonny offers to give Zander his old job back. Zander accepts, and Zander decides against declaring his true feelings for clueless Carly after noting Carly and Sonny‘s continued closeness.Elizabeth pales when Sarah announces her intentions to stay in Port Charles, and Gia sympathizes with Elizabeth after uncovering the dirt afterward. Gia and Nikolas get past arguing on their way home, and Elizabeth ends her date with Lucky to spend more time with her returned sister.Skye uses her physical charms to lure Jax toward helping her obliterate Sonny, and Skye closes the deal by returning to Jax later with evidence of another supposed threat against her. Meanwhile, Alan apologizes to Melissa for his insinuations, and he gives Melissa her job back. Roy reacts favorab