01.25.02 - Friday

Season 39, Episode 18 -  Air Date: 1/25/2002
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Recap:AJ traps Sonny by pointing out to Courtney that Sonny hung AJ in a meat locker until AJ signed over parental rights of his son. Courtney confronts Sonny, but Sonny remains silent and only assures Courtney that AJ meant to set up Sonny. Mike enters the scene after Sonny loses his temper and smashes a glass, and Courtney decides that she wants to move in with Mike. Sonny provides embarrassed Mike with the cash to get a larger place, and Mike warns Sonny to never take out his anger on Courtney. Alexis does her best to comfort conflicted Sonny, and Alexis attempts to share her feelings for Sonny with him.Meanwhile, Skye questions the ultimate benefit of AJ‘s plans, and AJ assures Skye that beyond the personal triumph, Courtney will win her freedom from Sonny. Skye sympathizes with AJ, and Courtney arrives to take AJ‘s bait. Lucky relays to Gia his fears about Nikolas‘ unresolved feelings for Stavros, and Laura suggests that Nikolas turn the reigns of the Cassadine Empire back over t