01.24.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 1/24/2002
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Recap:Courtney asks Sonny if they can start over, and the siblings make strides toward developing a relationship. However, Courtney inadvertently upsets Sonny when she questions him about his childhood abuse, and Sonny cuts their meeting short to confront Alexis for sharing privileged information. Sonny tears into Alexis‘ penthouse and interrupts Alexis about to share her feelings about Sonny with Kristina, and Sonny accuses Alexis of betrayal.In the meantime, Skye pays Courtney a surprise visit and apologizes to her for lashing out the night before, and Skye lures Courtney away to talk to AJ. AJ works on gaining Courtney‘s favor by explaining why Sonny hates AJ, until Sonny learns of his sister‘s departure and detains AJ in the process of recovering Courtney.Meanwhile, Nikolas and Lucky mend fences, and Nikolas applauds Lucky‘s willingness to work things out with Elizabeth. However, Nikolas ends up blasting Lucky when Lucky tries to save Nikolas from more pain by tossing a letter fr