01.17.02 - Thursday

Season 39, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 1/17/2002
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Recap:Alan blames Skye for Edward‘s heart attack, and Skye blames Melissa with the implication that Melissa wants to get her hands on Edward‘s fortune. In the hospital, Edward comes to but remains weak, and Monica urges him to allow Lila to visit. Edward translates Monica‘s concern into proof that he will soon die which Alan overhears, and takes the opportunity to express his love for his father. AJ stuns Skye with his callous reaction to Edward‘s medical crisis, and maintains his eagerness to move forward with their covert plans.Sonny brings Courtney to Kelly‘s where they run into Elizabeth on a date with Lucky, and Sonny supports Courtney when she admits that she stole money from Gia. Carly arrives to learn that Courtney is Sonny‘s sister, and Carly warns him that she spied Courtney with AJ at Luke‘s. At the same time, Courtney comes across AJ in the park. Elizabeth and Lucky also move on with their evening by donning ice skates and going for a skate in the park. Nikolas continues t