01.16.02 - Wednesday

Season 39, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 1/16/2002
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Recap:Edward collapses, but he refuses to die until he can win back his company and make his family sick with guilt. Melissa stumbles upon Edward and attempts to revive him.At the Quartermaine mansion, Skye blames Monica for Alan‘s decision to kick Skye out of the house, and Skye covers her pain by implying that she will be better off without the Quartermaines. AJ confronts Alan for his hypocritical words, and Alan admits he has been less than a stellar father to his son. In the midst of this latest outburst of Quartermaine dysfunction, Reginald arrives upon the scene with news that Edward appears to have suffered a major heart attack.Stefan discloses his intentions to follow his childhood dreams, and Gia reluctantly accepts the cumbersome keys to the Cassadine estate. Nikolas squelches Gia‘s attempts to reveal that they would also like to kick the Cassadine legacy to the curb, and Nikolas assures Gia that they will eventually enjoy freedom after Stefan has his turn. At the same time