01.14.02 - Monday

Season 39, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 1/14/2002
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Recap:Kristina and Ned prepare Alexis for the possibility of a developing relationship between the two, and Sonny also puts Alexis at unease by continuing to save Carly from her messes. Alexis tries to regain some control in her life by making an appointment at the gym where she meets with Scott, and Sonny reacts with displeasure when he finds Scott escorting Alexis back to her penthouse. Kristina and Ned blast Sonny for taking Alexis for granted.Meanwhile, Zander‘s feelings for Carly appear to move beyond friendship, and oblivious Carly adds fuel to the fire when she insists that Zander spend the night with her in order for her to tend to his injuries at the hands of Rosco. Jax realizes that Skye has a yet unspoken agenda, and the two continue to flirt. Skye and Jax end up opening up to each other about their pasts, and both share the heartbreak in their lives. At the same time, Lucky and Elizabeth make an important decision about their relationship.Courtesy:ABC.com