12.28.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 252 -  Air Date: 12/28/2001
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Recap:Elizabeth and Lucky interrupt Luke‘s attempt to persuade Laura to marry him with the announcement that they plan to marry on New Year‘s Eve. Luke suggests that they make it a double wedding, but Laura squelches the idea. Later, Luke further presses Laura to agree to his marriage proposal, and Laura seems poised to say yes.Gia probes Nikolas about Lucky, and Nikolas finally confesses that Lucky‘s feelings of love never returned for Elizabeth. Consequently, Gia believes that Elizabeth and Lucky should not marry, and Gia appears ready to spill the beans when Elizabeth and Lucky enter.Meanwhile, Sonny suggests that they begin their relationship by embracing the fact that they are family. Courtney warms to Sonny, and she overhears when Janine approaches Sonny and offers to disappear with Courtney in return for cash. Sonny blasts Janine in return, and Courtney learns about Janine‘s further deception. Sonny remains unable to come to terms with Mike‘s lies, and he runs to Alexis for he