12.27.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 251 -  Air Date: 12/27/2001
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Recap:Sonny blasts Mike over Courtney and Mike‘s previous addiction to gambling, and Janine arrives to add her two cents. Zander finds Courtney with AJ, and after the two men exchange barbs, Zander eventually convinces Courtney to return to Sonny‘s penthouse with him. Upon Courtney‘s arrival, Sonny asks for a moment of privacy with his sister, and the two siblings contemplate their future.Meanwhile, AJ interrupts Jax with Carly to call in a favor by requesting a position at ELQ in the hopes of destroying Sonny, but Jax takes offense to AJ‘s harsh words about Carly, and Jax humiliates AJ when he rushes to Carly‘s defense. Surprised Carly thanks Jax.Lucky concerns Nikolas when he agrees to marry Elizabeth on New Year‘s Eve, and Gia notes Nikolas‘ hesitation when he reluctantly agrees to serve as Lucky‘s best man. Gia also agrees to be Elizabeth‘s maid of honor, and Gia insists upon helping Elizabeth dress for the big event. Monica catches Rae coaching Skye about men, and Monica wrongly