12.17.01 - Monday

Season 38, Episode 244 -  Air Date: 12/17/2001
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Recap:Laura overrides Luke‘s near confession with a kiss when she fears detection by their assigned spies. Luke accepts the kiss, and Laura learns that Luke fabricated the entire mission when she inadvertently catches Luke signaling victoriously to Victor. Laura keeps her revelation from Luke, and Laura secretly plots her retaliation.At the ELQ board meeting, Skye makes the voting process personal when she demands that each member of her family choose between Sonny and herself. AJ makes Sonny an offer, which he ultimately refuses, and Skye surprises Sonny, pleases Jax and stuns the Quartermaines when she announces that Skye has Tracy‘s proxy. At the same time, Alexis visits Carly, and Carly surprises Alexis by signing Michael‘s adoption papers without a fight and announcing that she will never use Michael as a bargaining chip in her relationship with Sonny.Scott takes Serena to the hospital after an accident, and Bobbie distracts Scott with Christmas preparations until Tony gives Ser