12.12.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 241 -  Air Date: 12/12/2001
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Recap:Carly pretends to have come to see Sonny about their divorce, but Sonny sees through Carly‘s lie and questions her true intentions. Sonny suspects Carly of falling under Jax‘s influence, but Carly‘s denial turns Sonny‘s thoughts to Mike. Again, Carly evades Sonny‘s probing, and Carly lashes out when she learns that Alexis and Sonny spent time together in Sonny‘s casino. Sonny stops Alexis from defending herself, explaining that his relationship with Alexis is no longer any of Carly‘s business. Hurt Carly quickly signs the divorce papers, and Carly points out that Sonny has also perpetrated unforgivable acts during their marriage. Alexis thanks Sonny for an evening to remember, and Sonny encourages Alexis to let go more often. Next, Sonny calls for Janine, and Sonny questions Janine about her association with Mike.Meanwhile, devastated Zander pays an impromptu visit to the Quartermaine mansion after learning that Emily has a new boyfriend. Zander lashes out at the Quartermaines f