12.06.01 - Thursday

Season 38, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 12/6/2001
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Recap:Alexis enjoys her evening of taking chances, and numerous men flock to Alexis as she sparkles in the casino. Overheated, Alexis withdraws to a terrace, and Sonny saves her from falling into a fountain. Alexis and Sonny‘s eyes meet, and Sonny offers Alexis the world on a silver platter.Hurt Skye rushes away from Carly and Jax, assuming the worst. Unaware of Skye‘s brief presence, Carly and Jax continue to talk business, and Jax informs Carly that she will not have free reign of his bank account. Later, Skye approaches Carly and warns her that Jax has only partnered with Carly to get at Sonny. AJ tries to get Zander to betray Sonny, but Zander ultimately sees through AJ‘s scheme and backs down, just as Jax arrives to witness and applaud Zander‘s judge of character.Meanwhile, Gia fears that Kristina is not dressed appropriately for her engagement party. Stefan fixes the situation by presenting Kristina with a gown meant for her mother. Also at the party, Taggert passes on Helena‘s