11.27.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 230 -  Air Date: 11/27/2001
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Recap:Laura catches Luke fabricating tales to keep Scott incarcerated, and Laura manages to undo Luke‘s handiwork and to get Scott released. While Bobbie warns Luke that his meddling will only serve to bring Scott and Laura closer together, Laura tells Scott that she has an answer to his proposal.Edward approaches Sonny for help, and Edward points out to Sonny that Skye intends to gain control of ELQ. Sonny agrees to handle Janine in return for Edward‘s voting shares, and Monica freaks when Edward shares the identity of their new ally. Sonny asks Alexis to accompany him to Puerto Rico, and Alexis accepts the invitation after Sonny rescues her from a mouse.Meanwhile, Alan deals with his torn family. Monica presses Alan to give Skye her walking papers, and Alan urges Skye to make a compromise with Monica. Touched Skye considers Alan‘s request, but when Monica announces Edward‘s new enlistment, Sonny, Skye and AJ renew their campaign to take over ELQ. AJ questions Mike about Janine, but