11.21.01 - Wednesday

Season 38, Episode 227 -  Air Date: 11/21/2001
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Recap:Sonny informs Alexis that he signed the divorce papers, and Alexis fears that Sonny‘s decision resulted from Alexis‘ latest altercation with Carly. Alexis urges Sonny to open up to her, and Sonny admits that he appears unable to regain his trust in Carly. Sonny assures Alexis that his relationship with Carly is over, and he also suggests that Alexis has kept things from Sonny. Kristina observes Sonny and Alexis‘ interaction, and once alone with her sister, Kristina warns Alexis that Sonny‘s feelings for Carly are still far from resolved.Carly confides in Bobbie that she feels ready to move on with her life, and Carly hints at big plans ahead. Carly visits Jax and proposes that they open a club together, and furious Skye runs to AJ with fears that Carly has begun making a play for Jax‘s affections. However, AJ offers Skye zero support and actually welcomes a romantic connection between the two with hopes of explosive fireworks to follow.At the same time, Melissa and Roy counsel