11.20.01 - Tuesday

Season 38, Episode 226 -  Air Date: 11/20/2001
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Recap:Sonny and Carly move close to reconciling, but Alexis brings the estranged couple back to reality when she storms in and accuses Carly of riling Jax. Sonny instinctively believes Alexis, and Carly points out that Sonny will never trust her again and that they therefore have no future. Carly decides to go, leaving Sonny to contemplate his divorce papers. Meanwhile, Alexis denies her feelings for Sonny to amused Kristina, and Alexis and Kristina share an afternoon of sisterhood.Taggert and Florence interrupt a romantic moment between Gia and Nikolas, forcing Nikolas to assure Gia‘s family that he has honorable intentions. Nikolas floors Gia when he asks for Taggert and Florence‘s blessings and then asks for Gia‘s hand in marriage. Gia ultimately agrees to his proposal, and Nikolas slips the binding ring upon her finger.At the same time, Stefan and Luke relish in Helena‘s new status as jailbird. Helena fumes when Stefan announces that he has cut off her money and thus access to he