11.16.01 - Friday

Season 38, Episode 224 -  Air Date: 11/16/2001
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Recap:Carly alerted Jax to Alexis and Sonny‘s growing relationship.Sonny asked Alexis why he should not give Carly another shot. Alexis avoided expressing her feelings for Sonny and badmouthed Carly instead.Jax arrived upon the scene, and Alexis felt compelled to explain the situation. Sonny encouraged her to keep quiet and he exchanged barbs with Jax. Sonny exited to his newly remodeled and unfamiliar home and he thought about Carly as he studied his final divorce papers. At the same time, Jax explained his surprise appearance to Alexis by feigning concern over Kristina. However, Alexis saw through the story and called Jax on his true intentions.A.J. successfully riled Carly in public about Sonny‘s relationship with Alexis and Zander attempted to keep Carly from falling into A.J.‘s trap.Luke and Laura separately realized that today would have been their twentieth anniversary and they both wrestled with memories of their past together. Roy came upon Luke smashing a radio playing Lu